Sónar is the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art taking
place in Barcelona during three days every June.
12, 13, 14 june 2014. Barcelona

Created in 1994, Sónar is a pioneering festival with a unique format and content. It’s first class reputation as a leading reference for international festivals is by virtue of a carefully balanced cultural offering, combining a playful nature, the avant-garde, and experimentation with electronic dance music’s newest trends.

Sónar is constantly on the pulse of the current electronic music landscape.
Its interactions and hybridizations with digital creation and new media, unitesestablished artists with emerging talent, in all areas of musical and audiovisual production.

Sónar’s founding values have defined the festival since its inception: the link between creativity and technology, its commitment to being a global event and a meeting point for creative people from both public and industry sectors, from different disciplines and communities.


Sónar Barcelona’s activities are divided into two main locations: the recently premiered Sónar by Day, located from 2013 in Fira Montjuïc, with concerts and dj’s, showcases as well as the new Sónar+D area, the essence of which is discovering and tracking new talent and enhance professional activities; and the larger shows at Sónar by Night, in Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet, where the leading names in the current international music scene are staged.

Sónar+D presents a program with a common goal: to make the relationship between creativitytechnologymobilityinnovation and businessmore transparent and accessible. The birth of Sónar+D in 2013 expresses a concrete commitment to Sónar’s professional activity, linking creative and technology companies of all kinds.

Since 2002 Sónar has organized more than 50 events in many different parts of the world, adapting the Sónar philosophy to unique venues and environments, and highlighting the most interesting homegrown talent and the scene in the city where it takes place. As well as the event in Barcelona, Sónar organizes festivals every year in other cities. In previous years, it has travelled to Reykjavik, Buenos Aires, New York, London, Frankfurt, Seoul, Lisboa, Lyon, Hamburg, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Oakland, Los Ángeles, Tokyo and Osaka, among many other destinations around the world.



Sónar es el Festival Internacional de Música Avanzada y New Media Art que se celebra durante tres días del mes de junio en Barcelona.

Creado en 1994, Sónar es un festival pionero y único en su formato y contenidos: un referente internacional de primer orden gracias a una cuidada oferta cultural que combina lo lúdico con lo artístico, la vanguardia y la experimentación con las nuevas corrientes musicales de la electrónica de baile.

Sónar toma el pulso al panorama actual de las músicas electrónicasy sus interacciones e hibridaciones con la creación digital y new media, reuniendo a los artistas más consolidados y al talento emergente en todos los terrenos de la producción musical y audiovisual.

Los valores fundacionales de Sónar han definido al festival desde su nacimiento como link entre creatividad y tecnología, y su compromiso comoevento global y lugar de encuentro para diferentes disciplinas y comunidades creativas, tanto del sector público como del privado.

Las actividades de Sónar Barcelona se divide en dos grandes ubicaciones: el recientemente inaugurado Sónar de Día, localizado en Fira Montjuïcdesde el año 2013, con conciertos, showcases y la nueva zona de Sónar+D, cuya principal esencia es el rastreo de nuevos talentos; y los grandes shows de Sónar de Noche, en Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet, donde se presentan los nombres más relevantes del panorama musical internacional.


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